Course Tour

Course Tour

Our 9-hole par 35/36 golf course is located at the northern edge of Huron. The pleasant medley of trees, water, sand, and elevation changes makes the course enjoyable for low handicappers and beginners alike.

Hole #1 – 360 yards
Par 4, #8 handicap

From an elevated tee box, the tee shot must traverse over a water hazard to the front and left, while avoiding the large Cottonwood trees that flank the generous fairway to the right. Out of bounds also lurks to the far left for the entire hole. The approach shot is to an elevated green guarded by two grass traps to the left.

Hole #2 – 515 yards
Par 5, #1 handicap

Hole #2 starts with a generous landing area. There are large trees to the far right awaiting wayward shots. The layup shots are guarded by a water hazard to the left, and another further up straight towards the green. There are more large trees just left of the green.

Hole #3 – 385 yards
Par 4, #2 handicap

A straight tee shot is ideal to start hole #3, as huge Cottonwoods line the left side of the hole, while a row of Cedars line the right side. The fairway slopes downhill, to a creek that crosses 300 yards out. The approach shot is to an elevated, undulating green, guarded by a massive grass bunker in front.

Hole #4 – 150 yards
Par 3, #7 handicap

Elevated tee box overlooks this short, downhill signature hole. Your tee shot must travel 125 yards to carry the creek, while avoiding the same creek to the left from 100 to 170 yards. The green is precariously small, while sloping markedly from back to front.

Hole #5 – 375 yards
Par 4/5, #5 handicap

Another elevated tee box overlooks a creek straight ahead. The landing area slopes uphill, with trees lining both sides of the fairway. A tee shot of at least 240 yards is required to reach a flat lie. The approach shot is to an undulating green flanked by hills on all sides.

Hole #6 – 180 yards
Par 3, #9 handicap

A straightforward tee shot. Don’t let that fool you however, as the green is elongated and narrow, and surrounded by evergreens, making for a tough target.

Hole #7 – 385 yards
Par 4, #3 handicap

Flat tee box looks over a generously wide fairway, however trees line the left edge of the fairway, while trees and OB await on the right side. A wide creek fronts the green on the angle, from right to left, leaving a 150 yard shot from the right, or if you go down the hill on the left you can have as little as a 100 yard shot to an elevated green.

Hole #8 – 385 yards
Par 4, #4 handicap

An elongated tee box serve as the launching pad for a challenging tee shot. The landing area slopes uphill unless your drive is at least 235 yards to reach the flat. OB is on the right, always an issue with a strong south wind.

Hole #9 – 385 yards
Par 4, #6 handicap

The home hole favors a left to right tee shot off the box, leaving a nice approach shot. However, you must cross the creek one last time to reach a tricky green, with a subtle slope back to the right, and an abrupt false side on the right.